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Retrouvez le podcast de l’émission « Le Jour du Soigneur » du 7 mars 2023

Playlist :

1-Warmdusher: Greasin’ Up Jesus (Yard Act RMX)

2-Cosmopaark: Haunted House

3-Lauds: CeeDee Lamb

4-Slapp Happy: Strayed

5-The Modern Lovers: Dignified And Old

6-The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Your Mind Is My Cafe

7-Billy Ward & The Dominoes: The Bells

8-Andre Williams: Pass The Biscuits Please

9-The Waeve: On Your Knees, Baby

10-Threads: Primitive Cinema

11-Glittering Insect: Calcified Time

12-Pure Adult: Ain’t I A Woman ?

13-The Psychotic Monks: Post-Post-

14-Iggy Pop: Neo Punk

15-Tee Vee Repairmann: Bus Stop

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