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Retrouvez le podcast de l’émission « Le Jour du Soigneur » du 11 avril 2023


1-The Cleaners From Venus: No Go (For Louis Macneice)
2-Italia 90: The MUMSNET Mambo
3-Mac Demarco: Vancouver
4-Nice Biscuit: Captain
5-LIFE: Shipping Forecast
6-Yo La Tengo: Sinatra Drive Breakdown
7-Reigning Sound: North Cackalacky Girl
8-Power Solo & The Courettes: If I Could Fly
9-MNNQNS: Shall We Get Started
10-The Telescopes: Leave Nobody Behind
11-Hoofs: Fists
12-JOHN (TIMESTWO): Šibensko Powerhouse
13-Shame: Adderall
14-Gee Tee: Goodnight Neanderthal

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