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Retrouvez le podcast de l’émission « Le Jour du Soigneur » du 13 décembre 2022.

Bonne écoute !

Playlist :

1-Krs One: Sound Of Da Police

2-Medium Medium: Hungry So Angry

3-Pow!: Switchboard Scientist

4-Gilla Band: Red Polo Neck

5-Melody’s Echo Chamber: Ocean Road

6-Pyncher: The Saddest Man Around

7-Fine Lame: Complaint Of The Little Spider

8-Bodega : NYC (disambiguation)

9-Half Man Half Biscuit: National Shite Day

10-The Surfing Magazines: Sports Bar

11-Micah P. Hinson: Find Your Way Out

12-Orville Peck: Iris Rose

13-Tropical Fuck Storm: Stayin’ Alive

14-Elvis Presley: Crawfish (Piloosky Edit)

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