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Retrouvez le podcast de l’émission « Le Jour du Soigneur » du 14 mars 2023


1-Mozart Estate: Record Store Day

2-Zalla (Piero Umiliani): Produzione

3-Forever Pavot: Les Informations

4-The Records: Starry Eyes

5-The Vampires’ Sound Incorporation: There Is No Satisfaction

6-Pierre Cavalli: Chasse A L’homme

7-The Black Angels (The Raveonettes cover): My Tornado

8-Hoofs: No Accident

9-En Attendant Ana: Ada, Mary, Diane

10-BDRMM: It’s Just A Bit Of Blood

11-Galen & Paul: Lonely Town

12-Daniel Johnston: Mountain Top

13-Italia 90: The MUMSNET Mambo

14Hal Man Half Biscuit: When I Look At My Baby

15-The Spits: All I Want

16-Ramones: You Sound Like You’re Sick

17Paul Weller: From The Floorboards Up

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